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Refers back to the neck region on the spinal column which includes 7 bones, or vertebrae, labeled C-1 by way of C-seven. It could also make reference to the cervix since it pertains to cervical cancer.

The commonest sort of Main liver most cancers that originates from the leading cells in the liver. hereditary diffuse gastric cancer

Dietitians do the job with people to help you manage nourishment. They watch patients' fat and nutritional issues. Dietitians educate patients and should give them with recipes and nutritional dietary supplements to further improve their nutritional standing in advance of, all through and immediately after remedy.

In brachytherapy therapy of cancer, a means of providing a sealed radioactive material to the website of the tumor inside your body, like a catheter, little needle or applicator. densitometry

A check that documents the electrical activity of the center; it's utilized to assistance diagnose particular coronary heart abnormalities.

A condition involving the narrowing of your coronary arteries that carry blood and oxygen to the center muscle mass.

A situation in which tissue fluid isn't going to drain normally in the lymphatic program but in its place builds up in your body’s tender tissues and triggers swelling, commonly of the leg or arm.

A sort of potentially precancerous polyp, an irregular advancement that protrudes with the internal wall with the colon. The vast majority of colorectal cancers produce from adenomas.

A Distinctive variety of catheter used in a vascular entry course of action which is inserted inside A serious vein for just a duration of months to ensure that blood might be regularly drawn or medication and nutrients can be injected in to the affected individual’s bloodstream on normal basis.

A medical imaging study from the brain's floor employing modest electrodes to promote a nerve so its electrical reaction is often calculated. By analyzing the role of specific nerves inside a patient, this technique assists surgeons steer clear of damage to delicate places even though running about the Mind.

A process applying an endoscope during which irregular growths named polyps are removed from the inner partitions of the colon and rectum.

A ballooning outside of a section of artery brought on by disorder or weakness within the vessel wall (termed an aneurysm) that happens in the percentage of the aorta that runs in the abdomen. For more info, begin to see the Abdominal aortic aneurysm site

A respiratory disorder resulting in shortness of breath on work. In time the lung tissue may perhaps turn into severely scarred. Although some clients Recuperate, Many others produce respiratory failure or heart failure.

The discharge of the Official Website ovum, or egg, with the ovary, which then travels throughout the fallopian tube for the uterus to generally be fertilized by a sperm

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